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Vishnu KS

Pluto is a peer to peer decentralized social network. Powered by node.js and Tox, Pluto was made to protect the privacy of users. Pluto use the Tox protocol for communicating with other users. The project is under active development. The current features are news feed and friend requests.

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I love Wikipedia. It is the first place I would go in the World Wide Web whenever I want to learn more about some stuff. Like me most of the netizens use Wikipedia only when they want to learn more about something and not for fun like Quora. I consider this as a problem. Wikifeedia was made to fix that problem.

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Snowden is a blazing fast proxy server built in C++. Snowden can handle multiple clients effortlessly. The proxy server has in built support to connect to another proxy.

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Hacker News Syncer For Wordpress
A plugin for syncing the Hackenews posts with Wordpress blog. It syncs your Wordpress blog with Hacker news posts which satisfies a minimum Karma.

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