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Vishnu KS

I love I am Vishnu KS and I love to make web apps web apps like Wikifeedia, Datester, Rocket Chat and enjoy contributing to open source software. open source. I am a Firefox student ambassador. Ambassador. You can check out some videos which I made for Mozilla in my freshman year here.

* An introduction for contributing to open source software
* Introducing Firefox Club of IIIT Allahabad

I am also interested in P2P technologies.Peer to Peer technologies. Pluto is a Peer to Peer decentralized Social network I built in my third year at college.

Currently I am doing my Bachelor in Technology at IIIT Allahabad. Currently I am doing my Bachelor in Technology at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. I spend my time eating. sleeping. coding. eating, sleeping, coding and working for technical society.

I am in love with the Computers and Internet. I fall in love with Internet after reading The Google Story when I was fifteen. I was so inspired that I decided to became a programmer when I grew up. grew up. I spend the rest of my summer holidays teaching myself Web Development from Internet. I couldn't find any good resources to make a website, so I struggled a lot. struggled a lot. After figuring out how to make a website I spend my next 2 months creating a website which would teach beginners the basics of web development in a much simpler way. The website is available at

I am from Pulluvazhy. I am from Pulluvazhy, a village in Kerala where I grew up studied till class ten. ten. During this time I used to work as Freelancer. I completed my class 10 at St Joseph Higher Secondary School With a CGPA of 10 / 10. I attended my high school at SAPS St Antony's Public school, Anakkal and passed out with 93.4% in CBSE Board Exams. I was always an average kid and had to work a lot during my high school days.

You can contact me here.

through Facebook, Twitter or send a mail. mail to . I am also on Keybase